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Pricing Policy

Customers will find using Golden Square Facilities and Services cost effective and convenient.  The objective of pricing is to make it possible to use Golden Square as a long term office option. (Testimony to this fact is that we have customers who have been with us for the last 15 years)

Customers benefit by making expensive fixed costs into variable costs. (Example having an office assistant full time. In Golden Square you pay as per use and  have an office assistant for as short a time as 15 minutes.)

Customer will always find it easier to use services through Golden Square than go directly to vendors. (Example: It is much cheaper to get couriers sent through Golden Square than going direct to the courier companies,  since Golden Square negotiates bulk rates with courier companies and other vendors)

In the long term what is important is efficient services and effective work environments rather than expensive and impressive offices.  Finally office infrastructure is an expense for business and helping our customers with alternatives to expensive offices is our goal.  We need to provide office infrastructure which are cost effective yet efficient.

Provide for Flexibility in office plans and services. Business is uncertain, it can grow faster than planned or slower.  Golden Square helps customers by not getting locked into long term contracts which do not reflect this business reality.

Constantly help the customer optimize his office expenses.

In short Golden Square’s pricing policy creates a sustainable and rewarding long term relationship.

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