The Virtual Office

Slash your Office Costs, yet enjoy all Office Facilities.

The Virtual Office

Slash your Office Costs, yet enjoy all Office Facilities.

The Virtual office provides a fully equipped and serviced office on demand. So you pay only as per use. The Virtual office is ideal for those on the move since they spend so little time in the office any way. It makes no sense to have office overheads, like office cabins, receptionists, office assistants etc. when the office space and support is needed only once in a while. Golden Square's Virtual office provides high quality and reliable office support and facilities when ever you need it for however long you need it.

Virtual Office is Excellent for:

  • People on the Move. ( Sales, Liaison Office, Consultants)
  • Working from Home Office. (Designers, Freelancers, Consultants)
  • Looking for Office Support. (Trainers)

Key Benefits of Virtual office:

  • Hassle free office support.
  • Reduces Office Overheads drastically.
  • In tune with the needs of today's professional who is mobile and connected.
  • Trained and Dependable Office Assistance available on Demand.

A Virtual Office is ideal when:

  • You require to hold meetings, interviews, conferences, but do not need a full time office.
  • You often travel. Hence do not have the need for full time dedicated office space.
  • You work from home but require a professional address and corporate facilities to meet your clients.
  • You require an office identity but do not have the budget for a physical office.
  • You are a new business start up and cannot justify the cost of setting up a permanent office.
  • You sometimes need a space to work from just for an hour or two.

Our Services Include:

  • Prestigious address in prime location.
  • Dedicated phone line for call answering services in your company's name.
  • Reception Services.
    • Handling Enquiries.
    • Scheduling appointments.
  • Mail collection and forwarding.
  • Office Assistance:- Collecting Cheques, documents, printing, photocopying, faxing.
  • Access to fully equipped meeting room, boardrooms, conference rooms and business lounge.

Some Virtual office Customers:

  • Chemtrols
  • Izumi Networks

    Mr.Mohan John, Gets Free.

    Mr. Mohan John represents, an aerospace design company, in Asia. He has to travel all over Asia, visiting clients. Earlier he had an office in Bangalore, which he rarely used to visit, and it was a big hassle for him to keep it maintained and keep his staff engaged.

    It made sense for him to start using, the Virtual Office facility in GoldenSquare. He now has a unique phone number, which Rashmi the receptionist answers in his name, responds to the phone calls as per the standing instructions of Mr. John, and if there is an urgent call, Rashmi immediately forwards it to the cell phone number of Mr.John.

    When he is in Bangalore, his appointments are scheduled by GoldenSquare and an office cabin is blocked for his meetings.

    There are also office assistants available to run errands for Mr.John, like paying bills, collecting cheques from customers etc. The interesting thing is that for all this support that Mr.John gets, he pays for only as much as he uses. In this way Mr. John totally eliminates a large fixed office cost, while getting a higher level of professionalism and service that only trained and dedicated staff from GoldenSquare can provide. Mr. John has got rid of all the hassles of managing an office, instead he can focus on what is most important for him, building his business.


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