Leverage Community


Leverage Community

Office spaces these days play a very important role in our work lives; they need to be peaceful and harmonious.Co-working is ideal for those who work alone but are looking for a productive office with like-minded people to interact with. Introducing Golden Square, the best Co-working space where we are creating a community of highly intelligent and productive individuals who thrive for a brighter future and better society. As a Co-worker, you can use any of the open workspaces in Golden Square Branches, and if there is a need for privacy in case of a meeting, you can use meeting rooms or conference rooms available by the hour. This new dimension has added great significance towards office spaces and also a proven cost effective way with an advantage of surrounding yourself with people who can help you with your business and give you company.

Golden Square team consists of Facilitators, who are eager to help you, with connections and support. Facilitators are happy to introduce you to other members and also to a huge network of resources who will be useful for your business.

The Co-working Membership is about Rs.5500/- to Rs.6500/- per month depending on branch. This enables unlimited access to your home branch. (Let us know in advance if you want to use it during non-office hours as well)

  • There is also a 10 Hours Complimentary usage at any of our other Branches in Bangalore.
  • Availability of Free Wi-Fi with best network support for uninterrupted work flow
  • Avail access to all Golden Square services at member rates.
  • Use the address for communication. (Let us know if you want to use the address for registering your company, additional facilities are then required).
  • Get a dedicated telephone number with telephone answering service, with calls answered in your company name as per your instructions (For only  Rs 1,000 per month)

Co-working is Excellent For:

  • Consultants
  • Coaches and Trainers
  • Startup- Founders
  • Sales professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Key Benefits of Co-working:

  • Community
  • Support Services
  • Cost Effective
  • Productive office environment

Co-working is ideal when:

  • Working alone is boring.
  • Having company gets you in the zone
  • Collaborations help in your business
  • You believe in serendipity.
  • Looking for a cost effective office solution.

Our Services Include:

  • Co-working spaces in prime locations.
  • Flexibility to use any of our Branches.
  • Work Tables and Relaxed working zones
  • Private meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  • Secretarial and office support services.
  • Facilitators for connections.

Example -Would it be easier to understand if you knew how easier life would be working at a co-working environment? Well, Mr. Zeus works as an editor at a publishing house, he is the busy man, he is managing maximum projects that keeps getting piled on his office desk and also he does a lot of travelling discovering and collecting lots of learning that aids to enhance his skills as a writer.

Sometimes the major problem lies in managing time and commitments; one day Mr. Zeus learnt how much of difference a co-working space could make when compared to fixed office rent spaces. It got easier for him to meet clients and set up meetings at the co-working space conference rooms, as there were enough branches in and around. Interestingly, Golden Square enables one to shift their important documents to separate storage spaces available at the branch. He got his bills paid and cheques cleared by his customers and all of this with the help of well trained office assistants present at each office, sometimes even got his important calls diverted to his cell by the receptionist present when unavailable to answer in the co-working space. Most importantly Mr. Zeus could collaborate his articles after meeting with his clients and the facilitators present in the branch office would make necessary arrangements.

This in overall has helped Mr. Zeus to manage time, money, schedules and most important of all a good valuable family time.

Mr. Zeus also says, “Co-working spaces are filled with intelligent minds, each having something greater to contribute to the well-being of their respective industries” there is value and commitment and most of all there is a space to work and still make you not feel the stress, it’s definitely the Golden Square.


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