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Even before ‘co-working space’ was a popular concept, Golden Square was in business, shaping Bangalore’s work culture by providing a dedicated centre for businesses to operate in, without worrying about office management. Over 20 years of experience has given us insight into the right mix of facilities, support services, and guidance that aids in the growth and development of our clients.

Joy at Work

Our philosophy is simple: Joy at Work. This thought guides all our actions and decisions. It directs the kind of services we provide, and how we provide them. We want you to be productive, efficient, and most importantly happy when working at Golden Square. We want you to look forward to work every morning, knowing that we are here to help you grow. We take care of the non-core nitty-gritties, so that you can shine at your work.
Our philosophy is deeply entrenched in every Golden Square facilitator, making them supporters that our clients can truly count on.
Every Golden Square team member lives and breathes our philosophy on a daily basis, because their personal belief aligns with ours. It’s the reason they are chosen to be part of our team. Driven, engaging, compassionate, and enthusiastic, these are just a few of the key qualities of our facilitators, and their infectious energy tends to rub off on our clients as well. After all, only when you enjoy your work, can you make it enjoyable for others.
Our flexible plans combined with our competitive pricing ensures that you find a plan that suits your current needs, with room for future requirements. You don’t need to get locked into expensive and long-term contracts that tie-up capital that can be spent on enhancing your business instead. As your business grows, you can expand, and we will be right here to provide you with a sustainable solution.


Our Golden Square team comprises passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Mani – Valet


    Valet at our Vital Mallya Road branch, possessing spectacular time management skills.

    Mani is especially skilled when it comes to driving, and his experience in valet parking service ensures that our clients always have a safe parking space for their cars. His efficiency when it comes to managing time is particularly commendable, as clients never have to lose time in waiting for their cars.

  • David – Master Connector


    Master Connector
    Facilitator who can accurately gauge your requirements and make connections.

    David is one of our most popular facilitators, owing to his superb referral skills. He has been connecting members to suitable persons for over 10 years now. No matter your requirement, be it an office space, consultancy, or MNC, he has the right contacts to put you in touch with. His referrals always come through. Get in touch with David, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Pooja – Solution Expert


    Solution Expert
    No problem is too big or impossible for Pooja.

    You can count on Pooja to offer a solution for your problems, big or small. Her proactive nature makes her the right person to turn to for your problems. She analyses your business needs, and offers up a strategic plan to cover your requirements: for office space or otherwise. A true believer in the Golden Square philosophy, Pooja creates ‘Joy At Work’ for all.

  • Aman – Event Organiser


    Event Organiser
    Our Golden Square expert at planning, organising, and managing.

    Hosting an event at Golden Square is a cake walk with Aman by your side. He takes care of every little detail, and manages the event on all fronts. Additionally, Aman puts you in touch with the right partners for your event needs, thereby reducing your effort in locating trustworthy contacts. Irrespective of the size of your event, be it a small meeting or a large gathering, Aman will ensure it runs smoothly.

  • Raghu – Operations Specialist


    Operations Specialist
    Our one-stop solution provider for all your operational needs.

    Raghu is the expert when it comes to your operational requirements. Highly knowledgeable and skilled, he will promptly address your concerns, be it something as simple as setting up a telephone line, or even a more complex task like installing a plan for an entire building. Raghu is available at all times, thus, allowing you to focus your time and attention on core business activities, without having to worry about the fringe operational tasks.

  • Karthik – Accounting Specialist


    Accounting Specialist
    All your accounting needs are met with ease.

    Karthik is our in-house accounting expert who can handle not just your accounting and tax needs, but those of your clients as well. Filing returns, preparing financial statements or any other statutory financial documents are responsibilities he is well-versed in. Having him on board reduces your man power needs, while also having a knowledgeable specialist to turn to for advice.

  • Manjula – Secretarial Services


    Secretarial Services
    Your go-to person for getting things done.

    One of the Golden Square team’s chief talents is getting things done. And Manjula is one such resourceful member on our staff. Her expertise in Secretarial Services aside, she is adept at automating your back office (spreadsheet automation), tele-calling, running day-to-day errands like arranging gifts/cakes on behalf of our clients and more. You can devote time to increasing your main business’s productivity, while Manjula handles the rest.

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