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Focus Groups

If you’re involved in marketing, advertising or research of any kind, Golden Square’s Focus Group Discussion rooms are perfect for you. Designed to conduct interviews and studies that can be monitored, observed and recorded, this specially furnished room also ensures the comfort of participants so you may have the cleanest results.

With a one-way mirror, microphones and recording equipment, the FGD room is an excellent choice for data collection. The space is also equipped with a projector, speakers, white board, notepads, markers, WIFI etc along with Golden Square’s signature support and facilitation services.

Why Use Golden Square For Focus Groups ?

  • Readily available space to conduct interviews
  • Rooms can be converted into spaces ideal for a Focus Group study
  • Well furnished rooms for the comfort of participants.
  • Necessary tools and equipment provided to carry out the study smoothly.
  • Office support to manage the study, for best results.

Focus Group discussion rooms are Ideal For


An ideal space to conduct interviews before new product/service launch


A professional set-up to conduct research for their clients

Those having Liaison or Branch Offices

A suitable space in the city to conduct city specific Focus Group studies

Those who work from home

A dedicated space that is professional, and facilitates Focus Group studies.

Focus Group discussion rooms are Ideal For


Furnished cabins



Generator backup

24 hours access

Air - conditioned


Security and CCTV


Reception services

Secretarial support

Errand services


Clients across diverse functions and industries have worked out of our business centers.

    Other Plans We Offer

    We have devised multiple plans to suit the diverse requirements of our clients. Take a look.

    Dedicated office

    ₹10,000 to ₹80,000 / month
    A fully functional office with all the facilities, at a fraction of the cost. We provide an efficient work space, secretarial services & more.

    Virtual Office

    Starts From ₹3,000 / month

    An on-demand office that is completely operational, having all the amenities and services of a regular office, esecretarial services & more.

    Meeting Rooms

    ₹110 / hour to ₹750 / day (Per Person)
    A professional set-up makes a positive impression. Our clean, furnished, and well-equipped meeting rooms are apt for your gatherings, short or long.


    Starts From ₹5,500 / month

    Golden Square Co-Working Spaces strike the right balance between an open space that fosters collaboration with fellow members, and the privacy required to conduct your business meetings.


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