Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

When it comes to your office space, Golden Square’s serviced offices offer a range of advantages which a traditional rented office can’t provide. Our Serviced Offices are ideal for small teams of 1 to 10 members, such as new companies to Bangalore, MNCs starting operations in Bangalore, sales teams, consultants and trainers.

In a regular rented office, small teams struggle with simple things like keeping the office clean, security for the office, having professional receptionists, errand services. Moreover all of these facilities and services are big overheads when the team is small. With Golden Square Serviced office, a small team can get all the facilities and support staff that a large office can provide at a price point which makes business sense.

Apart from the convenience and cost advantage, Golden Square serviced offices provides flexibility for rapid growth and also during uncertain times, you can take more space, or reduce space depending on the actual need of your business.

Golden Square Serviced Office is as good as having your own office yet at a reasonable cost. Phone calls are answered in your company name, adding a professional and credible impression to your prospects and clients. Office Assistance includes things like collecting a cheque from a customer, reminding candidates for an interview, ensuring maintenance of typical office equipments & processes and even helping our client’s child with his homework.

In short whatever support you need to get you more out of your time, Golden Square will provide it.

Some of the benefits which a serviced office provide are:

Pay-as-you-use facilities

Only pay for the services which you will use, and for as long you are using it. These includes internet, copiers, and conference rooms. It comes as no surprise, that you can save almost 50% of your operating expenses by using a serviced office.

Almost zero setting-up time

With your business plan and team ready, you can move in with minimal paperwork and get started on your business or work immediately. Since the all the infrastructure are already in place, the hassles of setting up an office space are now gone.


Contract size depends on your use. Unlike commercial rent agreements, the terms and conditions of serviced office are more flexible and affordable.

However, with Golden Square, a Serviced office is more than just that. We call it OFFICE+. With added benefits, highly dedicated staff and competitive pricings, OFFICE+ is synonymous with productivity. It is the stage for your business success. 

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