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Reception services

Reception Services at Golden Square are designed to function just like or possibly better than if you had your own dedicated receptionist. You can leave specific instructions for callers, take the help of our receptionists to follow up on appointments, schedule your meetings, coordinate your travel arrangements and welcome your guests. More details below.

Dedicated phone line

Answered in your Company’s Name

Golden Square provides Dedicated Phone Numbers which are answered in your company name. You can leave instructions to our receptionists so she knows exactly how to answer different calls and calls that you might be expecting.

You can also set it up so that the calls can automatically be forwarded to your mobile number when you are out of the office and are expecting an urgent call.

Integrated Voice Response Systems and other advanced facilities are also available to make it easy for your business to manage a lot of calls.

Enquiry Handling

Have our Receptionists handle the first level enquiries and save you a lot of time. Our receptions are happy to handle your enquiries when you are busy in a meeting and you can give them specific instructions on how best your enquiries need to be handled.

For example Hotels and Resorts use Golden Square’s Enquiry Handling services; so typical questions can quickly be answered and the more serious enquires are then passed on to the sales person to handle.

This service is totally customisable based on your needs.

Scheduling Appointments

Schedule appointments, if you are running late for a meeting, take the help of Golden Square to help you reschedule. If you are planning on recruiting people and have a lot of interviews scheduled, use our receptionists to schedule interviews and also finish asking the first level of screening questions to help you save time. Busy executives can get more done by taking the help of Golden Square Serviced Office reception services.

Mail collection and forwarding

You can leave instructions with Golden Square Receptionists on how exactly to handle incoming mail. For instance some of our customers ask us to open the mail, and if it is a cheque, deposit it in the Bank and email the details to their accounts department in the head office. This saves a lot of time for our customers and helps timely cash flows.

If a mail is very urgent and our customer is travelling, Golden Square reception acts on this by calling the customer, sending an SMS or email with a scanned copy of the mail. This way customers can take action or give instructions to Golden Square to handle urgent matters.

Errand services

Collecting cheques from Customer Locations or sending samples to customers are tasks which are important yet take a lot of time, which could be used for more value adding activities. This is where Golden Square’s office Assistants play a part. Our office assistants can be used for these errands to visit customer locations, banks etc. and save you a lot of time/effort.

For example, one of our customers is a trainer from France, conducting a technical training in Bangalore. Our team organised all the collateral of the training, including getting the manuals photo copied, spiral bound, organised Personal Computers for the conference room, installed the required software, organised the trainer’s stay in a serviced apartment and pick up and drop from the airport. All this made this customer’s stay in Bangalore very productive.

We are happy to go the extra mile to save you time and effort.

Back office Support

Customers save a lot of time by leveraging the support available to them from Golden Square Serviced Offices.

For some of our customers who are into Marketing and Sales and travel a lot, submitting the travel expense statements to their companies is a big chore and takes a lot of time. Our customers just hand over their travel bills and our team members collate all this and prepare the required travel statements. This small activity makes a big difference to productivity for our customers.

Office Support Includes

  • Preparing Travel Expense Statements
  • Preparing New Year Greeting Cards.
  • Handling Bulk Mailing.
  • Scanning visiting cards and putting into spreadsheets.
  • Compiling list of Prospects from the Internet.
  • Receiving Payments, recording it and sending reports on this.
  • Reconciling Accounts.

To name a few, there are umpteen number of ways you can use the back office support, In an exceptional case our office assistants even helped with one of our customer’s child's homework since our customer was tied up with a very urgent matter.

Think of what ever might free up your time and we are there to help you do it.

Network of Experts

Whenever we find that Golden Square does not have the expertise to help our clients, we leverage our Network of Experts, which includes more than 2000 members of BNI in Bangalore. BNI is the worlds largest referral organisation consisting for experts, vendors and suppliers who are trusted.

These experts include Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Market Research Agencies, Advertising Consultants to name just a few.

Golden Square’s Support Services are there to make your office a lot more than four walls, it makes your office efficient and productive.

Clients Who Have Been Virtual Office Users

A number of renowned companies have used our Virtual Offices.



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