The Dedicated Office

A hassle free office for business Success.

The Dedicated Office

A hassle free office for business Success.

Golden Square enables our customers to focus their energies on their core areas of business, leaving the mundane issues of maintaining office facilities and support to Golden Square. Small teams of 1 to 20 people, gain productivity by having a dedicated, fully furnished and operational office at their disposal. Golden Square offices are more than four walls, The secretarial, and office assistance services that come with it, increases the bandwidth of our customers to be able to do more.

The customised services from Golden Square, including Handling of Phone Calls, Secretarial services, and Office assistance services, enables our Customers, to keep their own team small and focused. Golden Square is known to go the extra mile to save valuable time and manpower for our customers. An efficient work atmosphere, ready to use serviced offices, is what makes this a good option for small teams even for long durations. Some of our customers like Avery Dennison and Holiday Inn have been using our Dedicated office facilities for more than a decade.

The Dedicated Office is Excellent for:

  • Small Teams, (1-20)
  • Branch offices of MNCs,
  • Consulting Companies,
  • Liaison Offices
  • Sales Offices etc.
  • Temporary Office (While your own office is getting ready)

Advantages of using a Dedicated office.

  • Fully furnished, Save on Capital Investment.
  • Flexible lease options. Opt for more space as you grow. Do not spend on space that you will not use.
  • Focus on your core business.
  • Customised Business support services, save on manpower costs for your company.
  • Professional Reception services, no need to invest in your own reception.
  • Reasonable pricing, so save money on your office costs.
  • Office space ready within no time, just walk in and start working
  • Prestigious address.

Dedicated office is Ideal when:

  • You are a small team of 1-20. You get quality office space and support as if you were a large team at a much smaller budget outlay.
  • You are just starting operations in Bangalore, and your own facilities will take time to set up.
  • You are launching a new business and do not want to get bogged down with non-core activities like office facilities and support.
  • You want to limit the team size, by leveraging on the Golden Square Reception and Office Assistance.
  • You are growing fast and need flexibility in adding on more space as you grow, while keeping the current office costs under control.

Some Dedicated office customers:

  • Dell
    The first team in India started in Golden Square. Country Manger and his team where hosted here for around 1.5 yrs.
  • Fly Kingfisher
    Bangalore Sales office started in here.
  • Mcafee
    Software Development team started here for 5-6 months till their own facilities were ready
  • Hindustan Motors
    Used it for 3+ years as their sales office.
  • Avery Dennison
    14+ years for their sales team
  • Holidayinn Resort Goa
    10+ years for their sales team.


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      Trusted by well known companies who use our business center

      • ACM Bangalore
      • Avery Dennison
      • Chemtrols
      • Dell
      • Network Associates
      • Hindustan Motors
      • Holidayinn Resort Goa
      • Izumi Networks
      • Mcafee
      • Polo