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Turning Work into a Delightful Experience

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Who We Are

Business Centres that make Work a Pleasure
We provide Serviced and Virtual Office facilities at prime business locations across the city. Our offering including amenities, support services, and flexible plans, is designed to make work an enjoyable activity, while also promoting business growth. We create an environment that allows you to focus on what you do best: your core business, without having to worry about running an office.

Our Clients

Our clients are integral members of the close-knit Golden Square family.
  • ACM Bangalore
  • Avery Dennison
  • Chemtrols
  • Dell
  • Network Associates
  • Hindustan Motors
  • Holidayinn Resort Goa
  • Izumi Networks
  • Mcafee
  • Polo

    Business Enhancement

    Golden Square facilitates the growth of your business through the following value-add services:


    Information services, like phone answering, book keeping, automatoin services to speed up your business.


    Connect with the right people who will enable your business to grow via our vast network across the city.


    Co-ordinate activities across different centres and even different cities using our network of different businesses.


    Collaborate and partner with similar businesses to multiply your reach, using our network.


    The essentials to ensure your business runs smoothly at Golden Square.

    Furnished cabins



    Generator backup

    24 hours access

    Air - conditioned


    Security and CCTV


    Reception services

    Secretarial support

    Errand services

    For queries or scheduling a visit, leave your details with us and we will get back at the earliest.

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    Plans For The Long Haul

    Our plans have been designed keeping in mind the varying requirements of our clients. Find the one that suits you best.

    Dedicated office

    A fully functional office with all the facilities, at a fraction of the cost. We provide an efficient work space, secretarial services, office assistance, among several other benefits.

    Ideal for:

    • Teams of 1-20 persons
    • Branch offices for MNCs
    • Liaison Offices
    • Temporary Office

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    Virtual office

    Get the frills of a fully equipped office, without the cost. This on-demand office comes with a dedicated phone line, business address, reception services, office support, and more.

    Ideal for:

    • Those constantly on the move
    • Those working from home
    • Those needing office support
    • Those needing a permanent office address

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    Co-working space

    An efficient and conducive working space with all the amenities of a modern office, and the added benefit of accessing private facilities at member rates.

    Ideal for:

    • Consultants
    • Start-ups
    • Those not needing a dedicated office
    • Sales teams

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    Short-term Plans

    A meeting with a client or associate? Get a room of your choice by the hour.


    A professional set-up makes a positive impression. Our clean, furnished, and well-equipped meeting rooms are apt for your gatherings, short or long.

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    A room suitable to conduct training sessions, with all the required amenities in place. While you focus on the training, we provide the support.

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    At Golden Square we work as a family to bring out the best in our clients, and cannot be more proud when they excel. We share our success stories to inspire others.

    Thomas Cuadra
    Founder, PICN
    A Golden Square member found himself struggling during a rough financial patch, demotivated and in despair, but things turned around for the better, with the help of our team. Read the full story here.
    An insurance policy agent, our Golden Square member (we consider our clients as members of our Golden Square family) was going through a tough time, his financial difficulties painting a bleak picture. Somshekar, a facilitator at the Golden Square premises where this member worked, introduced him to our network of experts and professionals, he began to grow, learn, get contacts and prosper. A life changing decision for our member. Today, in just 9 months, he is a happy and successful member of our Golden Square family and fondly looks back at the journey thus far, while enjoying the services of our Virtual Office. We, at Golden Square don’t just provide a space with facilities for members to work in, we support, guide, and encourage them to harness their potential and fulfil their dreams. We stand with them every step of the way.

    Ashmeet Nagpal
    This Golden Square member was so delighted with the service, that he became a Dedicated Office user, within a month of using our Virtual Office. Read the full story here.
    Ashmeet Nagpal was in search of an office for his practice at a convenient location. The Golden Square branch at CBD South turned out to be the right fit as it matched his requirement of a Virtual Office where services could be availed at an hourly rate. Mr. Ashmeet shares his experience, “My experience with them was so good that within a month I decided to take up a Dedicated Office. Competent, courteous, and polite staff, the facilities offered, and immediate problem-solving of all your needs have made my stay at Golden Square completely hassle free and enjoyable. The ambience and cleanliness are additional reasons that make me recommend Golden Square to others.”

    Rushi Joshi
    Rushi Clothing
    A happy member truly finds Joy At Work at Golden Square. Great service, a convenient location, and a professionally managed office space have impressed her clients as well. Read the full story here.
    Rushi Joshi of Rushi Clothing is a satisfied Golden Square Member, as is evident from the fact that her 3-month plan of using Golden Square is being extended to a year. Rushi talks of her experience at Golden Square, “I must say, I am very happy with Golden Square Centre (Bangalore). They have a good working environment, well stocked pantry, helpful staff, and the best part: the office looks great! The ambience and cleanliness is commendable. Also, as it’s located in the centre of the city, travelling around is quick and convenient. All my clients who have visited me here have been impressed by a working space of this kind. I had plans only for 3 months, but, it now looks like I need this space for at least a year. Best place to work! It surely is JOY AT WORK”.

    Mr. Anil Kumar TV
    CEO, Dhanush Infosol Pvt.
    We understand the needs of our clients and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure their success. Golden Square came to the rescue of a member who needed a meeting room urgently. Read the full story here.
    Mr. Anil Kumar TV, CEO, Dhanush Infosol Pvt. Ltd had an important one-on-one meeting with a prospective client Mr. Balagiridhar, Head – IMS, Wipro. The meeting was an impromptu one. Mr. Balagiridhar wanted to meet Mr. Anil on his way back home. Being in Koramangala, Mr. Anil got in touch with David, a facilitator at Golden Square for a meeting room. The room was arranged, and the client was welcomed with coffee and snacks. Mr. Anil speaks of the incident saying, “It is our pleasure to be with Golden Square, and we are grateful to Mr. David. The meeting was a success and professionally conducted. This made us feel that “we were never out of our office”. The employees were courteous, and our every need was taken care of. Mr. David was available at the time we needed his help. We thank Mr. David and the management for extending all their support. Without any hesitation, we strongly recommend Mr. David and Golden Square, as it is a Professional Business Centre."



    102, Eden Park
    #20, VittalMallya Road Bangalore - 560 001
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