"Thank you for helping us through our initial phase. You have a great team here, good luck and and best wishes for good business prospects."

Sridhar Jayanthi, Mcafee.

"I wish the stay was longer, But gotta move on. Excellent service coupled with courteous staff deserves to be appreciated and will continue to be Golden Squares most valuable assets. Will recommend to anyone who would like to make a head start in business. Wish you all the best."

Simon Anandraj, Karna Global technologies.

"Although I was here only for 5 months, I felt absolutely at home from day one. Its one happy family here and an extremely professional team too. Feels bad to have left, wish the Golden Square family the very best!."

Manoj Menon, Kanbay Sofware India (P) Ltd.

"It was great experience to start business from Golden Square. The support, hospitality , service from each and every staff member has been excellent and professional which made our stay very pleasant and comfortable. I wish all success and many more biz enterprises bud from Golden Square."

M.Y Pasha, NU Horizons Electronics Pvt Ltd.

"It was a wonderful experience being at Golden Square and the start up assistance is simply great. The courteous staff lend a helping hand all the time. I would recommend Golden Square as it is a good place to be in. I thank the staff and the management for extending all their support."

Anirudh Kulkarni, Netpro Technologies Pvt Ltd.

"It was very pleasant and comfortable working out of your business centre. Keep up the high standards of service and I am sure that you will have a lot of companies associating with you. I strongly recommend Golden Square Business Centre to any of my colleagues or friends looking out for such facilities. Once again my team and myself thank each one of you for all the support and help rendered."

Sasha Sebastian, Senior Sales Manager, Kingfisher Airlines.

"The service is good and we had a pleasant stay, good support and also helped us to find a permanent office. Golden Square makes it easy to get started up."

Frits Bezemer, Country Manager, isense India OSL.

"Golden Square has provided UBICS excellent service and we wish the management and staff all the best."

Girish A.K, UBICS India Pvt Ltd.

"Golden Square has rendered excellent services during our stay here. They were thoroughly professional and very responsive. Thank you, Golden Square and its team for all your support and all the very best to you."

P Umesh, Regional Head - South, Howden India.

"It has been a wonderful experience in operating from a business centre like Golden Square which has provided professional services through their dedicated team. I wish them all the best."

Ravindra Vijaya, Chemtrols Engg Ltd.

"Our Stay in Golden Square Business Centre was a memorable one and we were lucky to get this facility and we will certainly miss the hospitality and support of everyone here."

Ravi Chakravarty, Country Manager, Transera Communications.

"Great place with great service had a wonderful time here. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful service during our stay. Will recommend this place to all our business friends."

Vijayachandra, Jivox.

"It was a pleasure working with Golden Square. The employees are very very friendly and our every need was taken care of and they were available any time we wanted them and I will really miss them all. Hope to work with you in future also and all the best."

Sudha Aroulmozhi, Technical Writer - Technowrites Pvt Ltd.

"It was a pleasurable experience for us having stayed in your Business Centre and thanks a ton for all the excellent services you extended to us."

Appachu, Yokohama India Pvt Ltd.

"Great being here and appreciate the way we were served as a client, cherish our days of stay and good wishes."

Priyanka, IC infotech (India cements group)

"Personnel at Golden Square have been very professional and we appreciate their efforts in helping us set up our operations when we started."

Lakshmeesh, IntrospeQt Software India Pvt Ltd

"GOLDEN SQUARE is centrally located and offers almost all the services required for a commercial venture. In certain situations the services offered are tailor made to suit customer’s specific requirements. They believe in walking that extra mile to cater to customer needs. Quite a good number of MNCs have started their India operations from Golden Square. They are reasonably priced as well keeping in mind customer’s affordability."

Amarnath Rao, Director, KVM Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.

"Dhanush Infosol is a Global IT Services & Solutions Company. Dhanush ushers Efficient and Convergent Solution with Quality Support to complete IT infrastructure. At Dhanush quality is synonym to healthy testimonial.

It is our pleasure to be with M/s Golden Square. Mr. David, who made our unexpected meeting very successful.

It was 1-2-1 meeting with our important prospect Mr. Balagiridhar, Head - IMS, Wipro. This meeting was not scheduled and got fixed unexpectedly. He wanted to meet us on his way back home. We were in Koramangala and requested Mr. David to arrange the meeting venue for us. Mr. David immediately agreed and provided meeting room at Golden Square. Added to meeting room, snacks and coffee were served. The meeting was a success and professionally conducted. This made us feel that, “we were never out of our office”.

The employees were courteous and our every need was taken care. Mr. David was available at the time we wanted him to help us. We thank Mr. David and the management for extending all their support.

Without any hesitation We strongly recommend Mr. David and M/s Golden Square as it is a good Professional Business Centre."

Anil Kumar T V, CEO, Dhanush Infosol Pvt. Ltd.

"It was a good journey for us with Golden Square in last 16 months. As you know that our business has grown and hence our requirements too. I would like to mention that the staff of the business centre (Golden Square) has been very cooperative specially Shankar & Mani. Mani as a Valet boy has been great and gave the best service persistently.

Best of Luck to You and Your Team!"

Aman Gupta, General Manager - Projects Purchasing Management India Pvt. Ltd. Worldwide Sourcing and Procurement for the Hospitality & Gaming Industries

"I feel so glad that I have Golden Square whenever I need space. All my 1-2-1's, client consultations and workshops happen there. The people who visit me, love the place and I market Golden Square for them."

Ranjani Raman, Wellness & Nutrition expert, Nutrilife

"One of my favourite places for some serious thinking and working...love the personalized service, smiling staff and the mind blowing yummilicious hot coffee served with a smile...pleasure working on the terrace tables enjoying the green around and the lovely weather."

Leena Munot, Partner, The Giving Tree

"As a lean, bootstrapped Start-up, we wanted a decent office space on demand for our meetings/interviews and still save money. Golden Square Virtual Office Solution is the best in this category. It is not only affordable, but also comes with superior service. I would not hesitate a bit in recommending this to anyone who is looking to save money on office spaces yet get the benefits of managed office."

Sathish, Founder, TextNook



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