Balaji Pasumarthy

Balaji Pasumarthy
A solution for one of the biggest expenses in a business- Office Infrastructure. A trainer in Spain, wants to conduct a Software training program in Bangalore, the training is only for a week at a time, he has never been to Bangalore, everything seems to be a challenge.

Office Infrastructure Becomes Virtual

A start up team of software product developers know that a lot their work can happen from their own homes, however they need to meet as a team twice a week, to review, plan and exchange thoughts. Traveling to office and having to manage an office infrastructure is not what they look forward to. 
A Businessman is often meeting customers, and does not want to be disturbed by mobile calls, at the same time he does not want to offend a customer who might be calling him, by not answering.

All the above are live examples of businesses who found a solution to their problems in the Virtual Office Plan offered by Golden Square Serviced and Virtual Offices.

With laptops, mobiles, and collaborative tools, the reason why one needs to have an office is dramatically changing. Combine this with the fact that often office infrastructure is a big fixed cost for a business one has to pay for it whether or not one is fully using it and we know that something innovative must be done to manage this cost. Is it possible that we can spend on office infrastructure only to the extent we need to?

Office Infrastructure Becomes Virtual

The Virtual Office facility from Golden Square Serviced and Virtual office addresses this very issue. Can one have all the conveniences and utility of a full fledged office infrastructure, on a pay as you use basis. Thus drastically reducing fixed overheads while getting to use facilities like Office Rooms, Conference Facilities, Reception Services as and when it is required.

Essentially today one needs an office space mainly as a) Meeting place for interacting with team members, meeting customers and suppliers. b) handling communication c) office support for tasks which consume time but add very little value, so rather someone else does it.

Golden Square's Virtual office supports all these requirements and provides it on a pay as you use model, making it very cost effective.

For the Trainer from Spain, Golden Square,organised a training room, with computers, had a systems person to install software and keep the systems ready, made copies of the training material, loaded the presentations and kept all this ready even before the trainer arrived in Bangalore. The trainer was picked up at the airport by Golden Square, his stay was organised in a serviced apartment. In essence all the necessary office support was provided, so the training program could happen smoothly, for a person totally unfamiliar with Bangalore.

Office Infrastructure Becomes Virtual

The Software Development team, took the virtual office plan, the team members work from their homes, but have taken a small office space dedicated for themselves in Golden Square. This space is used as their team meeting room. The room has white boards etc. where their plans and discussions are available for ready reference for the next meeting. The space is enough for a meeting, but not big enough to regularly work from. This is fine since the regular work actually happens from home.

The busy Businessman, used to earlier use a secretary to take calls on his behalf. Now he finds it easier to use the Golden Square reception services. He has a dedicated phone number, so the Golden Square receptionist answers this phone call in the Businessman's company name. When he is in a meeting, he forwards the calls landing on his mobile to the Golden Square receptionist, who takes the messages and also gives the caller any specific messages that the Businessman has for him.

Golden Square's support also helps schedule interviews, and meetings, keeps templates of business communication that its members want to send to their business partners, etc. essentially all the different kinds of activities that one would like secretaries, receptionists and errand boys to handle in an office. The big difference being that in Golden Square one pays for these services on a pay as you use basis rather than having fixed salary expenses whether the full time of this staff is required or not.

Golden Square's virtual office plan is very useful for those always on the move, sales and marketing professionals, management consultants, trainers. Small teams who need to use space for regular collaboration, and start up teams who need a quick solution till their own facilities are ready. Golden Square also has Serviced offices which are useful for teams of 1-20 size to be used as a dedicated office.

Golden Square through its Virtual Office plan makes a fixed expense into a variable expense while enhancing productivity.



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