“Joy at Work” is what we at Golden Square create for our Members, Team, Business owners and Investors.

Work is rarely associated with Joy, however work is what we do most of our day. So why not make Work a Joy? Why not make work something we look forward to? Why not create a work space with people who are a pleasure to be with? Where work gets done in the most pleasant way. That is what the journey of Golden Square is all about.

Yes we do strive and focus on making Work a Joy for our Clients whom we prefer to call Members. And our Members are typically teams of people from one person to 20 people who are looking to reduce hassles at work, focus on what is most important to their business, while getting support from us to get more done. When new members join us, they do so because they are looking to an office to get going quickly, an office space option which is ready to use, with a support team, flexible and at a price point which makes business sense. However they stay on and on because of how productive they become, due to the support they get from our team committed to give fanatical service.

Our team is really what makes this experience happen for our members. They do what they need to do not because they have to do it, but because they want to do it. They are chosen to be part of Golden Square because they want to be part of this team and believe that what they are doing at work, is exactly what makes them happy and fulfilled. They are self driven, fully engaged and always growing and learning. That is why when you meet a Golden Square team member you can feel the difference, the difference that comes from liking what you do, and being proud of the team and culture you belong to.

For the founders and owners of Golden Square, “Joy at Work” is why they are in business. This is the guiding light for all decisions. They are committed to creating and enabling a culture, where the team members feel liberated to express their talents, skills and passions and together create an organisation where all experience “Joy at Work.”

We know we have lived up to our philosophy when we get testimonials like this:

“It was great experience to start business from Golden Square. The support, hospitality , service from each and every staff member has been excellent and professional which made our stay very pleasant and comfortable. I wish all success and many more biz enterprises bud from Golden Square.”

M.Y Pasha, NU Horizons Electronics Pte Ltd.

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