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For a trainer who conducts open workshops or trainings, no matter how good he is faces a regular problem of not knowing the number of people who would turn up, with every hotel or training space asking either a high price without commitments or a minimum guarantee for the number of people turning up!


An association is usually a group of individuals who voluntarily participate for a common cause and is a network for them maybe professional or social. And for the organising committee to find a comfortable place to have productive discussions the group needs to focus on the core cause rather than worry about budgeting in a decent space. Due to budget constraints they are unable to find a good hotel where they charge a bomb for a one time use of Pojectors and other A/V equipment. Restricted catering options are one of the other problems they face too.

Solutions From Golden Square

  • Per Person Rate: A convenient way of pricing which is meant for trainers and associations for their meetings and workshops. Usually trainers conducting open events have participants who they don't know, we give a per member rate and also support them in collecting if required whereas associations also face the similar problem of collecting, we help them with a system.
  • No Minimum Guarantee: For both the above entities a pain point is when hotels ask for a minimum guarantee of people turning up. We remove this bug out of the picture.

Our Offerings

  • Upto 2 Hours: INR 250
  • Upto 5 Hours: INR 370
  • Upto 9 Hours: INR 750
*Note: Above Per Person Rates are Incl. of Tax


*Note: Charges applied depending on requirement
  • Audio/Visual
  • Flexible Layout
  • Valet Parking
  • Tea/Coffee
  • High-Speed Wi-fi
  • Notepads & Pens
  • Capacity from 3 to 80 Pax.
  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Catering Of Your Choice*
  • Registration Desk Support*


Class Room Style

Theater Style

Cluster Style

U Shape Style

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